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This is a glossary around SAP: Acronyms, Terms, and shortenings are quickly and essentially clarified. Despite the fact that it is little yet it develops ceaselessly

Fiori Launchpad

The SAP Fiori Launchpad is a compartment for SAP UI5 applications. It is the passage point for all SAP UI5 applications. The end clients get to SAP UI5 applications through the SAP Fiori Launchpad. On versatile, tablet, or too work area.

Each SAP UI5 application inside a SAP Fiori Launchpad is spoken to through a tile. An application begins if the client taps on its tile. Similar to the UI of a cell phone.

Fiori Standard Applications

SAP Fiori Standard Applications are prepared to utilize SAP UI5 applications. Created under the SAP Fiori structure rules. They can be redone.



SAP Gateway is a joining innovation that associates the front-end with the back-end. It utilizes the OData convention. For instance, a SAP Gateway associates a SAP UI5 application to the database. what does the acronym erp stand for in sapThe SAP Gateway itself lives on a back-end SAP framework.



SAP HANA XS (HANA Extended Application Services) is an application server. An application server which lives in the HANA Cloud. SAP HANA XS bolsters the improvement of lightweight SAP HANA applications.

Along these lines, it is conceivable to make applications without an extra application server: Just the HANA with the incorporated HANA XS and a front-end innovation, for example, SAP UI5.

In any case, HANA XS or now additionally called HANA XSC (HANA Advanced Application Services Classic) is expostulated and supplanted by HANA XSA (HANA Advanced Application Services Advanced).



OData or Open Data Protocol opens up the information storehouses of SAP. It is the paste between the front-end and the back-end. For instance, between a SAP UI5 application and the database. The convention empowers the correspondence between the back-end server and the SAP UI5.



SAP UI5 is a structure. A system to assemble web applications. The system is made out of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. SAP UI5 decouples the front-end improvement from the back-end advancement. It has a Model View Controller Architecture.

OPEN UI5 is the open source adaptation of SAP UI5. It is allowed to use under the Apache 2.0 permit. OPENUI5 is equivalent to SAP UI5. Aside from certain libraries which are excluded in OPENUI5 but rather in SAP UI5. Like diagrams or keen control. Keen controls are naturally designed by savvy OData explanations.


Tansparent Table

SAP straightforward table is physical information that lives on a database. Straightforward for this situation implies it is physical information and not a structure or an ABAP Dictionary View. For instance, the database table VBAK is a straightforward table.

Compact discs Views

SAP CDS Views (Core Data Services Views) are a piece of the new programming model of SAP S/4 Hana. Compact discs Views give predefined SQL inquiries to at least one database tables. Like the ABAP Dictionary Views. Be that as it may, with much more highlights. Here are the contrasts between an ABAP Dictionary View and an ABAP CDS Views clarified. This permits easily and successfully to associate and access information.

There are two sorts of CDS View:



ABAP CDS Views can be utilized in a R/3 framework without a HANA database if the ABAP Stack is at any rate refreshed to the variant 7.40 SP05. HANA CDS Views must be utilized with a HANA Database. Here are the contrasts between ABAP CDS Views and HANA CDS Views clarified.

The center idea of the new programming model and henceforth CDS Views is to

decrease the rationale in the application server

exchange rationale of the application server to the database

exchange rationale of the application server to the customer side

Cds Views are a piece of both exchanging rationale to the database level and to the customer side.

There is no execution contrast between an ABAP Dictionary View and an ABAP CDS View in a R/3 framework on the off chance that you do the very same solicitation. Since both use precisely the equivalent SQL underneath. Be that as it may, utilizing CDS Views in a R/3 framework gives the benefits of:

being prepared for S/4

effectively creating undeniable OData Services

progressively successful approval checks

utilizing Smart Controls and Fiori Elements in SAP UI5

execution advantage when SQL proclamations get packaged

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