Exchange Codes List for SAP UI5, SAP Fiori and OData Services

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Terrifically significant T-Codes (Transaction Codes) with respect to SAP UI5, SAP Fiori and OData Services. In the first place, there is a rundown that contains all T-Codes that are identified with SAP UI5, SAP Fiori and OData Services. Pursued by records where the T-Codes are assembled by SAP UI5, SAP Fiori or OData Services.

There are Transactions with the namespaces IWFND and IWBNP: IWFND represents Information Worker Foundation. IWBND represents Information Worker Business Enablement Provisioning. UI2 represents User Interface 2.

The IWFND segment does the server work. For instance, parsing and approving approaching solicitations
what is the full meaning of erp in sap   from json or xml to ABAP and steering them to the IWBEP layer. The IWBEP part does the back-end enablement work. For instance, the parent classes for DP (Data Provider) classes and MP (Model Provider) classes of OData administrations.

Incidentally, by Transaction Code SE43 it is conceivable to make envelopes for the Easy Access Menu which pop-ups when the SAP NetWeaver opens. For instance, an envelope for all SAP UI5 related exchange codes.

Those Transactions which are utilized regulary are stamped strong.

If you don’t mind leave in a remark on the off chance that you might want to perceive any exchange added to the rundown.

Table of All T-Codes identified with SAP UI5, SAP Fiori and OData Services

/IWFND/APPS_LOG Access application log

/IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP Clean up model reserve


/IWFND/CLEANUP_JOBS Manage tidy up employments

/IWFND/CRE_DEF_JOBS Create default tidy up employments

/IWFND/ERROR_LOG Access OData administrations blunder log

/IWFND/ERROR_LOG_E2E Access OData administrations blunder log E2E

/IWFND/EXPLORER Explore OData administrations

/IWFND/GW_CLIENT Consume and test OData administrations

/IWFND/INIT_CCMS Initialize Gateway CCMS setting


/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE Activate and keep up OData administrations

/IWFND/MED_ACTIVATE Toggle metadata Cache

/IWFND/MED_SA_ACTIV Toggle framework false name based storing

/IWFND/MOC_PARALLEL Parallelize multi-cause piece

/IWFND/NOTIF_CLEANUP Clean up notices

/IWFND/NOTIF_MONITOR Acess notice screen

/IWFND/SERVICE_TEST Explore OData administrations

/IWFND/SOFTSTATE Toggle softstate

/IWFND/STATS Access Gateway insights

/IWFND/TRACES Trace OData administration execution

/IWFND/V4_PUBLISH Publish OData administrations

/IWFND/VIRUS_SCAN Configure Gateway Virus Scanner

/IWFND/WF_WEBGUI Execute work process thing in Web GUI

/IWFND/WSS_SETUP Configure web administration message-based confirmation

/IWWRK/WF_FILTER Toggle work process thing channel

/UI2/CACHE Register OData administration for UI2 store use


Erase store passages

/UI2/CHIP Register chip

/UI2/CUST Customize UI advances

/UI2/FEEDBACK_SETUP Set up client criticism administration


Check Fiori Launchpad

/UI2/FLIA Analyse Fiori Launchpads plans


Dispatch Fiori Launchpad

/UI2/FLP_CONTCHECK Check Fiori Launchpad content

/UI2/FLP_INTENTCHECK Check Fiori Launchpad aims

/UI2/FLPD_CONF Launch Fiori Launchpad Designer – cross customer

/UI2/FLPD_CUST Launch Fiori Launchpad Designer – customer explicit

/UI2/GW_ACTIVATE Activate Gateway

/UI2/GW_APPS_LOG Access Gateway application log

/UI2/GW_ERR_LOG Access Gateway mistake log

/UI2/GW_MAINT_SRV Maintain Gateway administrations

/UI2/GW_SYS_ALIAS Manage Gateway framework false name

/UI2/INVAL_CACHES Invalidate UI2 reserve worldwide

/UI2/NAV Register route objects

/UI2/NAVPROV Define route supplier

/UI2/NWBC Launch UI2 NetWeaver Business Client

/UI2/NWBC_CFG_CUST Configure NetWeaver Business Client – client

/UI2/NWBC_CFG_P_CUST Define NetWeaver Business Client parameter – client

/UI2/NWBC_CFG_P_SAP Define NetWeaver Business Client parameter – SAP

/UI2/NWBC_CFG_SAP Configure NetWeaver Business Client – SAP

/UI2/PERS_DEL Clean up Personalisation Service

/UI2/POWL Register Personal Object Worklist for OData administrations utilization

/UI2/SEMOBJ Create and keep up semantic articles – client

/UI2/SEMOBJ_SAP Create and keep up semantic articles – SAP

/UI5/THEME_DESIGNER Access UI Theme Designer

/UI5/THEME_TOOL Access UI Theme Tool

/IWBEP/ANA_SRV_GEN Generate investigative administrations

/IWBEP/BATCH_CONFIG Parallelize groups

/IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP Clean up model reserve

/IWBEP/CLEANUP_JOBS Manage tidy up employments

/IWBEP/CONF_SERVICE Configure IWBEP administrations


/IWBEP/CRE_DEF_JOBS Create default tidy up employments

/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG Access OData administrations blunder log

/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG_E2E Access OData administrations mistake log – E2E

/IWBEP/IMPORT_MODEL Import administration depiction documents

/IWBEP/NOTIF_MONITOR Acess warning screen

/IWBEP/OCI_SRV_GEN Generate OData administrations for OSCI

/IWBEP/REG_MODEL Maintain model

/IWBEP/REG_SERVICE Maintain OData administration

/IWBEP/REG_VOCAN Maintain vocabulary explanations

/IWBEP/RFC_BOP_DEL Delete RFC BOP OData channel

/IWBEP/RFC_BOP_GEN Generate RFC BOP OData Channel

/IWBEP/SB OData administrations developer

/IWBEP/SBS OData administrations developer setup

/IWBEP/TRACES Trace OData administration execution

/IWBEP/UR_CLEANUP Clean up client demands

/IWBEP/V4_REGISTER Register OData administrations

/IWBEP/VIEW_LOG Access Gateway

VIEW_LOG watcher

/IWBEP/WS_BOP_DEL Delete WS BOP OData channel

/IWBEP/WS_BOP_GEN Generate WS BOP OData channel

EXTID_DN Launch outside recognizable proof sort DN

LPD_CUST Create and look after launchpads

PTARQ Test and arrange leave based situations

PFCG Create and look after jobs

PFTC Maintain errands

RSRT Start report screen

RZ10 Create and keep up profile parameters

RZ20 Monitor CMS

SBWP Launch business working environment

SE01 Create and look after transports

SE11 Launch object word reference support

SE16 View tables

SE18 Launch business include ins definitions

SE21 Create and look after bundles

SE24 Launch ABAP class manufacturer

SE37 Create and keep up capacity modules

SE38 Launch ABAP editorial manager

SE43 Maintain simple access menu

SE63 Create and look after interpretations

SE80 Launch object guide

SE93 Create and keep up exchange codes

SEGW Create and keep up OData administrations

SICF Activate and look after administrations

SM30 Create and look after perspectives

SM59 Test and keep up RFC associations

SMICM Launch web correspondence director

SMLG Maintain sign on gatherings CCMS

SPAM Launch bolster bundle director

SPRO Display venture customizations and arrangements

ST22 Analyze ABAP dump

SU01 Maintain clients

SU20 Maintain approval fields

SU21 Maintain approval objects

SWDC Administrate work process definitions

SWDD Launch Workflow Builder

SWIA Launch WI organization report

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