Web streamlining Contest: Cantineoqueteveo, a remarkable shot

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What is SEO and for what reason would we say we are interested?

In case right now we were looking for ” The Best Seo Contest in the World ” we would need to consider the José Márquez challenge. Also, it is that the site of the container marketera offers us an uncommon opportunity to win money and motivate gigantic associations.

Web streamlining everything considered techniques Search Engine Optimization , and as a general rule suggests web searcher arranging, overhauling and improving web crawlers or just in cantineoqueteveo different site pages.

To streamline a lot, we would express that it is connected to exchanging the results, from Google to Facebook, to get logically out to the ordinary customer . That is, addition your chances of tapping on the web and on your thing.

Likewise, this, how is it done? Everything considered, changing things from inside the web. For example, in various online diaries words are striking, in a perfect world the most repeated, picking them as highlighted words.

That puts forth, assume the case, I have a gastronomy blog and I need it to look more. As an option is to put in solid a repeated word (tomato, potato), in the article being alluded to.

What impacts does it have? Everything considered, each time someone expecting to get acquainted with an equation filter the Internet for “potato” or “tomato”, our blog will be better arranged. Moreover, with karma you will snap and see what we can offer you.

Clearly this is just a look at something bigger. For an extensive time span it has ended up being progressively refined, being a champion among the most regarded methods of modernized displaying. Likewise, with the climb of the online world, this workmanship has scarcely begun.

Clearly this isn’t charm. Also, to know how it works, it’s extraordinary to ask how Google, Facebook, works in its part of web crawlers. The fundamental word that we should know by heart is “crawling”.

That is, web crawlers review the web through bots, which are responsible for keeping an eye on the website pages, as if they were people scrutinizing the framework unpretentiously.

What’s more, after that what happens? Everything considered, according to its relevance, substance, measure, and in light of the way that the web pays to Google, the bot places it in a record . So if we take incredible thought of SEO, it will be higher in a document, which is the question yield.

Another device that we should abuse is the Sitemap. This is a XML type document, and it contains a summary of the extensive number of pages that make up your site. In addition, this for what reason would you have the capacity to mind?

Since it energizes made by the bots, making them register in the accompanying more straightforwardness and speed. Revived, it might be an incredibly charming instrument.

We ought to in like manner light up something, not simply used for Google. It furthermore works with Facebook, Instagram (paying little heed to being generously more picture than substance), and even in Tinder . In fact, in a dating site you can in like manner use propelled promoting.

All things considered, since we know the ABCs of SEOs, we should ask ourselves, shouldn’t something be said about the test we referenced already? What, how and why? These request must be answered with an alternate heading.

Challenge: models and objectives

The primary concern is to understand that the name of Cantineoqueteveo is that in light of the way that being a created watchword , you can not pay Google to interface it with substance. In other words, you can not cheat.

The likelihood of ​​the challenge is to see who achieves the best arranging of a web territory, which clearly probably been made a posteriori. That is, an ex novo creation that makes a calling with various destinations.

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